Friday, August 31, 2007

World Burns to Death - Totalitarian Sodomy CD

World Burns to Death - Totalitarian Sodomy CD (Hardcore Holocaust, 2007)


01 Back To Zero 02:58
02 Boiling Blood 01:59
03 Sarajevo Snapshot 01:58
04 Those Who Have Come To The End 01:35
05 Triumph Of Evil 03:15
06 A Grim Task Ahead 02:59
07 The Frenzied Hacking Of Swords 02:25
08 Exrement Of The Gods 02:11
09 Children Gone To Shadow 02:10
10 Blood And Dishonor 01:56

TRT: ??

The newest release from these Texas dbeat monsters. This is the CD version of the album, but again, I only included the 10 songs that are the actual LP. The CD version contains 2 extra tracks from their split 7" with Disclose. SKV (GISM) did the art for the LP.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. CD

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. CD (625 Thrash/Boredom Noise, 2004)


01 Diagnosis 01:27
02 Condemned 00:41
03 Shingles 00:24
04 One Cure For Two Diseases 00:56
05 Cauterization 00:58
06 Paralyzed Words 00:59
07 Manufactured 00:23
08 Care For The Machine 01:22
09 A Grim Possibility For Owen Moses 00:28
10 Life. Iron Lung. Death. 00:16
11 Primal Therapy Pt. 3 01:10
12 Rate Of Respiration 00:43
13 Life's Worth 00:38
14 Cleansing Breath 01:00
15 Stricken 00:26
16 Complications 01:30
17 Jarvik 7 00:51
18 Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis 01:00
19 Thankful 00:50
20 ...As Technology Advances 00:35
21 Sound Of Cold 01:12


This is Iron Lung's first full length, and it is brutal. You're probably familiar with them, but if not, these guys are grinding hardcore thrashers that play doomy/super-fast hardcore with some very metal influences.

NOTE: This is actually a rip from the CD version of this full length that contains a bunch of bonus tracks (split 7" tracks, EP tracks, etc) but I don't feel right posting all of it, because it's bonus after all. The LP itself is good enough to listen to, so if you want the bonus material, go track down the CD and buy it.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hostage Situation - Self Titled EP

Hostage Situation - Self Titled 7" (Third Party, 2006)


01 Hostage Situation - 1 01:08
02 Hostage Situation - 2 00:47
03 Hostage Situation - 3 01:03
04 Hostage Situation - 4 01:17
05 Hostage Situation - 5 00:25
06 Hostage Situation - 6 01:15
07 Hostage Situation - 7 01:06
08 Hostage Situation - 8 01:48
09 Hostage Situation - 9 01:22
10 Hostage Situation - 10 00:07
11 Hostage Situation - 11 01:16

TRT: 11:34m

Fast, pissed off straight edge hardcore from the suburbs of Chicago. One of my old bands played with them at Chicago Fest a few years ago, and it was a blast. The band is now defunct and all the dudes are doing other things (Weekend Nachos, etc). Here's what RevHQ says:

"High energy hardcore that fuses late 80's posicore
influences with the thrash speeds of 2001 bands like TEAR
IT UP and LIFES HALT. 11 aural assaults. Pre-GET IT AWAY,


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guitar Wolf/Struggle for Pride - Ultra Cross Vol. 2

Guitar Wolf/Struggle for Pride - Ultra Cross Vol. 2 CD (Ki/oon Records, 2006)


01 Guitar Wolf - Sex
02 Guitar Wolf - (japanese title)
03 Struggle for Pride - Here Comes the Night
04 Struggle for Pride - Something Stupid

TRT: 16:22m

Guitar Wolf is easily one of my favorite Japanese bands. They're records always sound good and their live shows are always fun to boot. I haven't heard much of Struggle for Pride, but after listening to this split...I'd like to hear more.

Oh yeah, I found this link on Distort Truth Distort Minds. Its the Struggle for Pride/Abraham Cross split 7". Check it out.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

No Tough Guys Allowed #5

NO TOUGH GUYS ALLOWED episode #5 is now available for download. This week's episode is the "End of Summer Bro-Down Pt. 2" which means 60 minutes of brutal noise and mayhem, without hearing my whining voice. You can find a direct download at the bottom of this post.


TERMINAL YOUTH "Countervail"
from their self titled 12"

from "We Ain't No Musicians" 7" on Punk n Junk Records

FRAMTID [JAPAN] "Land of Devastation"
from their split 7" with Seein Red on Hate Records

SU19B [JAPAN] "Corrupted Mind"
from their self titled 7"

from their self titled 12" on Headon Records

GRIEF [USA] "I Hate the Human Race"
from "Alive" CD on Southern Lord

ETA [SWEDEN] "I Won't Eat It"
from "No Faith" 12" on Deranged

STUPID BABIES GO MAD [JAPAN] "Nervous Breakdown"
from "Let's Go to the Off Limits" CD on Diwiphalanx

HIS HERO IS GONE [USA] "Headcount"
from "The Dead of Night in Eight Movements"

BORN/DEAD [USA] "Endless War"
from "Endless War Repetition" on Prank Records

from "An Island Insane" on HG Fact

CRIMINAL DAMAGE "Media Casualties"
from "No Solution" on Feral Ward

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES [USA] "Government Clean-up Plan"
from "Subdivisions in Ruin"

from their self-released EP "Doors Open"

LEBENDEN TOTEN [USA] "Poison Poison"
from "Death Culture Deprivation" 7" on Overthrow

THANK GOD [USA] "Happenstance"
from their split CD with Deepslaughter on Soviet/Tick Tock Records

STALIN [FINLAND] "Kaupallinen Punk"
from "Chaos" 7"

HOLOKAUST [USA] "Release Me"
from "Into the Void of Oblivion"

DIRECT CONTROL [USA] "Police Threat"
from their split 12" with Strung Up on Tank Crimes/No Way

POISON CONTROL [USA] "Slums of Punk Rock"
from "The Violent Years" 7" on Deranged

Z [JAPAN] "Violence Action"
from "Violence Action" 7"

DISCHARGE [UK] "Free Speech of the Dumb"
from "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Noting (reissue)" on Castle

from their self titled 12" on Plague Bearer

from "Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise"

BBQ CHICKENS [JAPAN] "Pizza of Deaths Theme"
from the "Have a Slice of Death compilation on Pizza of Death Records

NOOTHGRUSH [USA] "Starvation"
from "Erode the Person" CD on Throne Records

Download the new episode and let me know what you think! And if you want to submit your own band's music, hit me up on the MySpace. Also, you can download episodes #1-4 via the links on the MySpace as well.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get Rad - Say Fuck No to Rules, Man LP

Get Rad - Say Fuck No to Rules, Man 12" (Hyperrealist, 2006)


01 Say Fuck No to Rules Man
02 Kill Uncle
03 My Friends Fucking Rule
04 Much Love and Respect
05 Two Little Men
06 Cool Waters
07 Broken Like a Record
08 Get Rad
09 The Herwig Curse
10 Were All Smiles
11 The Rock That Never Stops
12 Peein Red
13 Thunder in Your Heart
14 Smart Attack
15 You Over Rotated
16 Stop the Puppy Holocaust
17 Light Up Your Life
18 Left in the Dark
19 Cru Jones
20 Love it or Not
21 Stay Rad

TRT: 27:26m

Members of this band played in Kungfu Rick, Seven Days of Samsara, Since by Man, Textbook Traitors, and High on Crime. If you know any of those bands, you know how good this band is. Total Midwestern BMX-core in the truly posi-sense. This band is still playing, touring, and recording, so support them and buy some stuff from their e-Store (located on their MySpace).

Note: There's 2 versions of this album floating around on the internet: the 12" LP version and the CD version. This is the 12" LP rip.

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New Home for My Records

Got this yesterday at IKEA. Finally have a proper storage area for my records, CDs, and DVDs.

Check it out online here. There's bigger versions available (that are also slightly more money), but this one was quick to build and pretty cheap.

You may also notice the two purple-ish boxes that I have in the case. You can get those here. And for $12 a piece, they're worth it. Great spots to keep your 7"s in.

DSB - Kill the Phantom City CD

DSB - Kill the Phantom City CD (Mangrove Records, 2006)


01 Anger Burning 04:02
02 Bastard Rock 03:48
03 Zee 02:30
04 Burning Soul 03:17
05 Liberator 05:30
06 Humanity 02:56
07 Face Of Change 02:01
08 Human Arise 02:39
09 Freedom 02:10
10 Radical Fight Back 04:08

TRT: 33:01m

Raging Japanese hardcore. I'm pretty sure this is their newest full length. I would highly recommend this for any fans of Japanese hardcore.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Corrupted - An Island Insane EP

Corrupted - An Island Insane EP (HG Fact, 2007)


01 Side A 06:33
02 Side B 05:57

TRT: 12:30m

You all know these Japanese sludge masters. This is an EP released a while ago on HG Fact. If you like these guys, I'd strongly suggest supporting them and buying the EP: while I haven't found a place in the U.S. that sells it, you can order it direct from H.G. Fact.

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Strung Up/Direct Control Split 12"

Strung Up/Direct Control Split 12" (Tank Crimes/No Way, 2006)


01 Strung Up - Pay Toll
02 Strung Up - Oakland Violence
03 Strung Up - Legal Dope
04 Strung Up - No Need
05 Strung Up - Basket Case
06 Strung Up - No Time to Think
07 Strung Up - I Don't Wanna Be Here
08 Direct Control - Stay Blind
09 Direct Control - Kill Me
10 Direct Control - Police Threat
11 Direct Control - Test Missle
12 Direct Control - A.D.D.
13 Direct Control - Plea for Peace
14 Direct Control - Give it Back

TRT: 16:20

STRUNG UP are another East Bay, CA powerhouse. They play exactly what you'd expect: fast music. DIRECT CONTROL, on the other hand, are from Richmond, VA and play a similar style of hardcore but the recording really does sound like it's straight from the 1980s. This LP was released for the two band's East Coast tour in 2006. Looks like both bands aren't doing much of late.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

B.U.S.H. Live Videos

Dick Cheney/B.U.S.H. Split 7"

Dick Cheney/B.U.S.H. Split 7" (Thrashbastard/Time Up, 2005)


01 Dick Cheney - Headlines 00:56
02 Dick Cheney - Abort The Mission 00:51
03 Dick Cheney - Fast 01:15
04 Dick Cheney - Miss The Point 00:51
05 Dick Cheney - Polluted 00:55
06 Dick Cheney - Killed For Less 01:10
07 B.U.S.H. - Bush Klan 00:55
08 B.U.S.H. - Afiado Como Faca 00:42
09 B.U.S.H. - Dave Smalley 01:00
10 B.U.S.H. - Maos Vazias 01:07
11 B.U.S.H. - Bush War 01:03
12 B.U.S.H. - Odeio 01:01

TRT: 11:46m

DICK CHENEY from Umea, Sweden play early 80s hardcore.
After their debut on Thrashbastard Records and Refuse
Records from Poland, a split with german female fronted
thrashy hc-band THE TANGLED LINES, they share this split
with B.U.S.H. from Brazil, who play political 80s hardcore
in the vein of BLACK FLAG. They already released a 7" on
625 Records and are supposed to do a split with BRUCE
BANNER in the near future. B.U.S.H. is a project of members

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blood of Christian Children - 8 Song 12" EP

Blood of Christian Children - 8 Song 12" EP (self released, 2006)


01 Chiaki Kuriyama 01:44
02 Money Money Money 01:00
03 Government Agent 01:02
04 March To Isengard 03:18
05 Xue XI 01:11
06 Crawford Death Squad 01:03
07 Ghosts 00:30
08 U Lock Vengeance 02:24

TRT: 12:12

Info: Debut EP from these PDX thrashers. Looks like they're on hiatus but not disbanded. This shit rages.

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