Sunday, August 26, 2007

DSB - Kill the Phantom City CD

DSB - Kill the Phantom City CD (Mangrove Records, 2006)


01 Anger Burning 04:02
02 Bastard Rock 03:48
03 Zee 02:30
04 Burning Soul 03:17
05 Liberator 05:30
06 Humanity 02:56
07 Face Of Change 02:01
08 Human Arise 02:39
09 Freedom 02:10
10 Radical Fight Back 04:08

TRT: 33:01m

Raging Japanese hardcore. I'm pretty sure this is their newest full length. I would highly recommend this for any fans of Japanese hardcore.

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winston said...

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Slobodan Burgher said...

Damn you've been shoot down. And I just posted a link forwarding here. Could you please re-upload this file? Also I noticed that the Corrupted EP is also dead, if you could upload them again also you would absolutely make my YEAR! Lol.

Crust City Rockers said...

Cheers, good stuff. It'd be really cool if you could relink because DSB is amazing, like Skitkids of the east.

alex666 said...

Link is deleted. Please reupload.

Zach said...

Bad link man, please re-up!