Saturday, August 25, 2007

Strung Up/Direct Control Split 12"

Strung Up/Direct Control Split 12" (Tank Crimes/No Way, 2006)


01 Strung Up - Pay Toll
02 Strung Up - Oakland Violence
03 Strung Up - Legal Dope
04 Strung Up - No Need
05 Strung Up - Basket Case
06 Strung Up - No Time to Think
07 Strung Up - I Don't Wanna Be Here
08 Direct Control - Stay Blind
09 Direct Control - Kill Me
10 Direct Control - Police Threat
11 Direct Control - Test Missle
12 Direct Control - A.D.D.
13 Direct Control - Plea for Peace
14 Direct Control - Give it Back

TRT: 16:20

STRUNG UP are another East Bay, CA powerhouse. They play exactly what you'd expect: fast music. DIRECT CONTROL, on the other hand, are from Richmond, VA and play a similar style of hardcore but the recording really does sound like it's straight from the 1980s. This LP was released for the two band's East Coast tour in 2006. Looks like both bands aren't doing much of late.

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