Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get Rad - Say Fuck No to Rules, Man LP

Get Rad - Say Fuck No to Rules, Man 12" (Hyperrealist, 2006)


01 Say Fuck No to Rules Man
02 Kill Uncle
03 My Friends Fucking Rule
04 Much Love and Respect
05 Two Little Men
06 Cool Waters
07 Broken Like a Record
08 Get Rad
09 The Herwig Curse
10 Were All Smiles
11 The Rock That Never Stops
12 Peein Red
13 Thunder in Your Heart
14 Smart Attack
15 You Over Rotated
16 Stop the Puppy Holocaust
17 Light Up Your Life
18 Left in the Dark
19 Cru Jones
20 Love it or Not
21 Stay Rad

TRT: 27:26m

Members of this band played in Kungfu Rick, Seven Days of Samsara, Since by Man, Textbook Traitors, and High on Crime. If you know any of those bands, you know how good this band is. Total Midwestern BMX-core in the truly posi-sense. This band is still playing, touring, and recording, so support them and buy some stuff from their e-Store (located on their MySpace).

Note: There's 2 versions of this album floating around on the internet: the 12" LP version and the CD version. This is the 12" LP rip.

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