Friday, August 31, 2007

World Burns to Death - Totalitarian Sodomy CD

World Burns to Death - Totalitarian Sodomy CD (Hardcore Holocaust, 2007)


01 Back To Zero 02:58
02 Boiling Blood 01:59
03 Sarajevo Snapshot 01:58
04 Those Who Have Come To The End 01:35
05 Triumph Of Evil 03:15
06 A Grim Task Ahead 02:59
07 The Frenzied Hacking Of Swords 02:25
08 Exrement Of The Gods 02:11
09 Children Gone To Shadow 02:10
10 Blood And Dishonor 01:56

TRT: ??

The newest release from these Texas dbeat monsters. This is the CD version of the album, but again, I only included the 10 songs that are the actual LP. The CD version contains 2 extra tracks from their split 7" with Disclose. SKV (GISM) did the art for the LP.

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